Sunday, September 26, 2010

Loving the Pavilion,Hating the Pitch !

“You have some success and you think, ‘Yeah, I can do the same things on the field all the time,’ which is not possible,”  said Yuvraj, who has been criticized many a times for being indulging in too much outside activities that resulted in his poor on-field performances.The target audience here are the privileged young guns, Kohli, Sharma & Jadeja.
Fuelled by Yuvraj's comments and putting Cricinfo (a Statistics paradise) and our very own MS Excel to use, I write.

A simple X-Y scatter of Virat Kohli,Ravindra Jadeja and Rohit Sharma's scores in all forms of the game this year depicts that they have really found it hard to be on the pitch creating a partnership.All of them are heavily populated in the less than 40 region which is average in terms of evaluating a partnership.
Now the question here is not talent,which is judged by individual scores, the question here is the attitude of staying over there and putting up a fight .
I wont write more, numbers speak for themselves.

In case India wants to put up a real good fight at the World Cup , already plagued by the absence of a world class seamer, atleast the batting department has to follow this rule-
Perform or Perish !

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ayodhya returns......

With the long due Babri demolition verdict expected anytime next week, seeing the large media space and talks in every nook and corner from people who neither know the Ram Janm Bhumi & Babri nor what hapenned properly (including the writer), I write.

Nobody today gives a damn about who did it and why.No verdict will bring a change to the barbaric act that happenned because of a few Hindu groups (RSS,VHP & BJP to be precise) which in no way depict the Hindus of the country who were given a perfect helping hand by the muslim extremists to add fuel to the fire.The country has its eyes glued to something which just does not matter at all.The whole episode after 18 long years has attained  corporate importance and these are some examples:

  1. We,the youngsters, as parts of Corporate India have started eying it as one good reason to get a break during the working week and start working the next day again and most of us would ask a colleague the next day,"Yaar kal wo kuch verdict tha naa, kya hua?"
  2. Indian Media has gained worldwide fame for creating skyscrapers out of dust.Had the Babri masjid been there they could have even broadcasted its demolition,LIVE!
  3. Common Wealth Games Committee is fearful that this may attract attention as the overseas players may get to witness an even bigger event happening at the same time.
  4. The Indian Government has imposed a ban on bulk messaging as if the country is so weak that a few messages sent here and there may act like hand grenades.(actually in India, they can)
  5. Anjaana Anjani's release date deferred fearing that the issue would be given prime importance at this time.(Wish somebody could defer its release forever).
This is what India is used to, killing time over things which are just as silly as the discussion between two old men at a tea stall in the evening, just as pretentious as Rahul Gandhi carrying an empty plastic bucket wearing NIKE shoes to show his solidarity with ill -clothed ill-housed-ill fed construction workers.

I recently read a Mother Goose rhyme which is too apt a conclusion to all this brouhaha:

For every ailment under the sun
There is a remedy, or there is none;
If there be one, try to find it;
If there be none, never mind it.
"If there be none, never mind it !"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Demanding fairplay from the Bookies of the game

India'a bid document for organizing the Common Wealth Games- Rs.1899 Cr.
The first budget for the Games approved by the Cabinet            - Rs.3566 Cr.
Expenditure till date                                                                   -Rs 28,000 Cr. 
Expected total expenditure                                                        -Rs. 60,000 Cr.  

With due respect to this trendline and the state of Sports Affairs that has been ever since, I write.
Its not that Suresh Kalmadi is the first of his type, we have grown up seeing  KPS Gill rape Indian Hockey for 15 long years and he has left it dead.He is one among a crowd who have started seeing sports administration as te perfect way to make inroads into the political school of drama.
For a long time the Gills and the Pawars have been making money out of the game but India never cared,just because it was a 40:60 affair but with the coming of the CWG , this has struck a devastating low.
We, as Indians take Corruption as a quintessential driving factor of everybody's daily life but what if Mr. Kalmadi wants to nurture his next seven generations with one chance of being the head of the common wealth games.All I want is a ratio, you give 80 take 20,nobody would accuse you, nobody would even come to know , but atleast dont tell us they you hired umbrellas for Rs. 6308 and bought Tissues rolls for Rs. 4000 (I just know one way to use them).
At the end of it all,the resect of ours, as India, is at stake.If the games fail, Mr. Kalmadi would tender a resignation or an apology taking moral responsibility.And know what, nothing would change except a few discussions on news channels. 
These are the real Dabanggs of India, doing whatever they want with whatever they like and howsoever much.


Sunday, September 19, 2010


As Dabangg keeps breaking records set by a widely accepted 3 Idiots, with love for salman , mesmerised by sonakshi ,and hatred for the self proclaimed genious of bollywood Mr. Aamir copydog Khan,I write.

Dabangg is no thought provoking intellectual philosophy filled with satires throwing light on the bad-bad of Indian society, its a celebration of youth, of energy, of belief and of life.You may call it crap at the end of the day but  what harm in smiling what harm in laughing what harm in dancing,and that too to an original concept.Everybody involved with it seemed at ease with the motive and their limitations.Salman Khan can be and has always been at his best in portraying a dabangg, in whatsoever way.If you want to talk about the loopholes in the movie, better remind yourself of somebody carrying out a delivery of a baby with the vacuum cleaner.Cinema can have two extremes, either it can be logical enough to keep you thinking or illogical not enough to refrain you from giving a thought to any damn negativity.Dabangg portrays the second in a delightful way.

Serious > Funny 
Illogical+Funny > Illogical + Serious

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In solidarity with India, with emotions for Kashmir.

Not that I am an ardent political fan, not that I love discussing the Kashmir issue as much as the political prophets from both sides of the border do everyday(conveying the same rigid statements with varied placement of words) with no due respect to reaching a coherent aim,but just as an Indian who has always thought of Kashmir as his own and not an unwanted member of his family, I write.

With so many opinions , so many verdicts, so many claims on Kashmir making their way to the headlines every day , I got a chance to recollect everything and get into the root of what the recent heat was all about.Now, as I infer, the heat is about a majority of people living in Kashmir believing in the concept of AZADI (from whom, of what).On this , Tarun Vijay aptly wrote in his blog,"Whose man is that soldier fighting in Kashmir?" .Would you call them idiots who could have lived a very peaceful life back home in some village in some part of the country with their family but instead chose to fight for people who now say that they dont even want to be a part of India, just for the sake of having an Islamic State of their own(as if the Indian flag carries an 'ॐ' with it to testify itself as a Hindu state).
What if a person out of Kashmir would have opined  'Why to spend on Kashmir, let it be,spend on the Hindu majority?'.If you ever meet an armyman from anywhere in India and ask him if he has ever been posted in Kashmir you would be replied back with a pleasant YES.

There are a thousand issues to debate on the issue of Kashmir but the only think that provokes me to write is that : If you really want (your)Kashmir to be independent from Indian rule, give us the lives of (our) martyrs back.

So Be it !